The Devil You Know, Or a New One?

The 2012 US Presidential Election will be won by a candidate disliked by most of the electorate. This will be true regardless of which candidate wins.

Personally, I am eager for early voting to begin. I will vote the first day, if I can, and early in the morning. I want to begin the act of repentance and penitence as soon as possible, so I have to get the sin behind me.

The American electorate dislikes the policies and job performance appended to Mr. Obama by more than 50%. The American electorate dislikes Mr. Romney for the lack of character and humanity attributed to him even more.

The candidate elected in November will enter (or re-enter) office with the highest unfavorables in American Presidential history. Nothing seems to help either gentleman.

President Obama comes out for same-sex union. He may shore up his base with younger voters who mostly advocate same-sex unions but it is at the cost of support in the black community, where President Obama must win and get the same volume of votes as in 2008 to regain the White House. If black voters return to voting at about 11.5% of registered voters rather than the 14+% of voters ala 2008, Mr. Obama will suffer. Black pastors who feel Mr. Obama betrayed the church and his (reported) faith to support same-sex union are telling their parishioners they are not obligated to vote for Mr. Obama in 2012. This could hurt.

Mr. Romney opens his mouth. Really, it does not take much more to move him down in the unfavorables. Mr. Romney brought in Rep. Ryan to help him with his base but Mr. Ryan has some holes in his voting record. Each tear in the fabric makes Mr. Ryan a bit less able to speak in more than vague generalities. And, there is the fact that in Wisconsin Mr. Ryan is not all that popular outside his district.

Couple this with the obvious lack of an announced plan from the Romney camp and you get a problematic candidacy.

Yet, one fellow must win. Americans will vote, perhaps in smaller numbers than ever, since neither candidate makes you want to fire up the Kia and get out there.

And then the Day of Atonement can come.

Opinions here are mine alone.



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