The End of the Baptist Standard

   The end of the Baptist Standard is nowhere in sight. However, the organization it defends and supports (BGCT?TBC?) is trying to kill it.

   I cannot come to another conclusion. The BGCT?TBC? has a new magazine, (actually a new revenue stream) in direct competition for advertising/revenue dollars with the Standard. The two magazines actually compete for the shrinking advertising market from the same pool. 

  At a moment in history when the BGCT?TBC? is able to funnel less and less money to the institutions, the convention launches a new magazine (revenue stream), which the institutions are urged to support financially with advertising dollars.

   The last time BGCT?TBC? tried this the result was damage to the Standard and to the convention. The communications department of the convention became a publishing house and communications became a mess, frankly. Too many tasks were laid on too few people. The result was disastrous for the convention's communications and for the Standard. It says here, this time will not be better and more strain will be put on the institutions, as well.

   The convention should cease publication of this magazine. Get back to your task.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

1 thought on “The End of the Baptist Standard”

  1. Maybe Becky Bridges can be the new executive director. They powers that be have not yet floated the name of a woman publicly (however, Debbie Ferrier has been brought up privately).

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