the Evangelism Experiment Continues

   I am using the evangelism program I wrote about in the Resurrection Sunday blog. So are, I have managed to share the Faith six times, either electronically or personally. One young man in his 20’s made a public profession of faith today.

   Join me. Read me. Pray with me. I wonder if it is random that the day after I started the evangelism experiment started, aintsobad ended up linked on the blog page of the electronic New York Times. I wonder?

   Join me in telling and praying.

1 thought on “the Evangelism Experiment Continues”

  1. This is neat!
    The weekend went very well for us in Lake Worth. Of course, we watched the Lady Jackets drive to victory of Messiah. That was a good, fast paced game. We found out that we had that CBS College channel. πŸ™‚
    Secondly, our Easter service went very well. We started out with a choir Easter concert. We may be but a few, but we have the heart of any large choir. I had the pleasure of preaching. Easter without preaching would be Easter without church to me. At the end of the service, a Lady/Wife/Mother that we’ve been loving on for a few months now came forward to accept Jesus! We’ll be baptizing her this coming Sunday.
    It was a good weekend.
    Tim Dahl

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