The Gnostics are Coming! The Gnostics are Coming!

Just in time for Good Friday one of the new Gnostic books for Spring 2013 hit the stands. It is called “The New New Testament” and, naturally, it takes some of the hashed and rehashed Gnostic material, this timelding it in a mess with the canonical gospels. The idea is to make the two the same.

Those folks down the Way, hundreds of years ago, closed the canon without the discredited Gnostic folklore; myth replaced by error.

This is the place in the publishing cycle wherein we reach a generation that has not yet heard of the Gnostic screed. In Gnosticism, Jesus is a spirit, appearing like a hologram from Heaven. He cannot feel, or hurt. He certainly cannot die. He does evil things, like all other men, even though he is a ghost like apparition. In fact, Jesus veers between hallucination and holy man for the Gnostics.

So, enjoy in reverence this high holy time but, for Gospel reading, I would stick with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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