The Human Debt(s)

The Human Debt(s) include Joy, Sadness, Pain, Love and Death. We can certainly run a number of other citations under those main addresses, and I add two usually not included, Grace and Courage.

I have been trying to address Courage for the last few days, because I think we see so little of it. I know, you are thinking, if this is a universal Human Debt, like Joy, Sadness, Pain, Love and Death, how can it be nearly invisible on the current global political, religious, economic and social scene? My answer for that question is less than satisfying, but here it is. I think we are piling up a large IOU to Courage, a Fortitude Deficit, and it may be the most dangerous deficit we leave the next generation.

And, yes, grace is a gift of God, completely offered as unmerited favor, God in Human form and Spirit, making the things of Heaven available to the earth bound. If Grace is completely divine, how can it be a universal Human Debt? Again, like Courage, it is more prevalent in the absence than in the presence. Apart from grace, is there any cohesion between the Joy of birth and the grief of Death, certain Human Debts we have to pay? Or is everything bittersweet, bathed in eerie half-light, with Joy and Death (and Love, Pain and Sadness) all thrown in the one mix?

I think we have a debt to grace, you and I. And, in the days ahead, I will try to explain what that means.

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