The Irony of It All-Corona-Virus

Gas is extremely cheap.

We all have time off from work.

And there is no place to go.

The highlight of my week was finding toilet paper at our local Wal-Mart. This was like taking down a ten point buck with a BB gun.

How did I know where to look in the store? I listened to the screams of the poor stock girl being chased by the Great Unclean. Then I jumped through the empty bins, grabbed a giant container of Angel Soft and pushed the rest of the load over in the floor.

During the melee, I made good my escape.

No, no, not really. Everyone was good and kind. The stock girl did not make it to the shelves with any toilet paper to stock, but this is what passes for capitalism these days.

Aaaaannnnndddd, while we are taking a hiatus from the 2020 Presidential Election Nightmare, let me infuriate some of you. You may need provocation for your digestion.

I believe the Corona-Virus may just be God’s way of showing us what Bernie Sander’s America would look like. Empty shelves, long lines, closed businesses, the economy in a shambles, China ascendant, the public frightened for their lives and the government in charge of public health.

How does that look to you right now?

Somewhere Bernie is smiling. In one of his three dachas, he is smiling.

As a boy I was told never to discuss religion or politics. So, I have spent my life talking about one religion and occasionally provoking people with some political assertions. Soooo, let me freely admit I have voted Democrat some times, as I was raised to do, but I have never, ever voted for a Communist.

Nor will I.

So, I hope you have all the groceries and toilet paper you need. I hope you have a home where you can safely stay, as I do.

And I hope you remember what the real America looks like. We had it before all this. Let’s make sure we have it again.

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