The Most Difficult Emotion is Loneliness…

…so the most difficult financial loss is that of a job, for with the loss of a  job comes concomitant loss of feelings of belonging. Loneliness is bad enough when it is temporary. When it feels permanent, when a person is made to feel less than necessary, there is an overwhelming sense of sadness, regret and, finally, deep resentment.

   I am not sure Senator Obama gets this feeling. Senator McCain, heir of the tragically flawed Bush policies, seems to have a better grasp of the seriousness of job losses and the need to rebuild infrastructure in the US. No one can tell if Senator McCain will do any better than the man he ran against in the Republican primaries those 8 years ago but he is a visceral fellow, if nothing else.

   Solitude is not loneliness, any more than noise is celebration. A fellow can choose to go off by himself and be happy. An exile is not a sojourner. He is a reject. One day the reject will have enough. He will no longer wallow in his sadness. He will export it to the world.

   Watch what I am telling you. This fellow will be the one who first lost his job.

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