The National Football League is No Longer Watchable

Yes, I know. More Americans watch pro football now than ever. I watch less of it than ever, so, as always, I am out of step.

The pro game is now unwatchable, to me, because it is too dangerous to practice and too dangerous to play. Therefore, men and women who may not have played in a football game past Powerpuff are charged with keeping the game sterile and the players apart.

The pro game is awash in rules designed to make it less liable to suits from players injured in its performance. Game changing plays are called back now to punish people who, apparently, hit other people too hard. Replays produce longer games with more commercials. There is no momentum building. I am not sure how players keep themselves mentally in a game that can be interrupted repeatedly.

Yesterday, in a late drive that produced a lead changing touchdown, New England was awarded fifteen yards and a first down because a KC Chief lineman patted Tom Brady on the shoulder. Also in the late game a Pass Interference call was awarded (correctly) on a play exactly like one in the earlier game where no flags were thrown. The exact play. The precise play. Not a similar play. The same play.

I did not care who won or lost in either contest. I watched because some of my guys were watching and I watched with them.

This reminded me why I don’t watch a lot of pro football. Really.

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