The Ninth Commandment: Don’t Spin the Truth

   Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor-Exodus 20:16

   "So long as I live under a system of government based upon force and voluntarily partook of the many facilities and privileges it created for me, I was bound to help that government to the extent of my ability when it was engaged in war.  …(now)…My position regarding that government is totally different today and hence I should not voluntarily participate in its wars." M. Gandhi

   The Old Testament is not a book of conversion any more than the New Testament is a book about evangelism. The Old Testament exists to point the Way for the Covenant People. The New Testament corrects the Church, when necessary by indictment. The most powerful indictments of the Lord and His closest fellows against the Church is in the matter of hypocrisy.

   Does it bother anyone else that God has to write 66 books to us in order to get His people to act like we know Him?

   A hypocrite is a player, like an actor. He is not what he appears to be, not really, but only uses what he appears to be to gain some advantage. With the righteous he tries to appear righteous, with the intellectual he flaunts some knowledge, with the good he is good and with the bad he is bad. He has many personalities but very little character.

   A hypocrite is not all things to all men in order that he might save some. He merely appears to be somewhat like all men in order that he might appeal to all for his own sake. His question is the question of the Modern Anti-Hero, i.e., "What is in it for me?"

   A Champion, on the other hand, has a cause. He is committed to the cause, perhaps overmuch, at times elevating his cause to Cause and letting it take the place of God, who alone is worthy of worship. A Champion is one overzealous statement from a hypocrite. He must question himself often to make certain he has not become his own great Cause.

   The Champion must take care not to spin the truth for his own sake. He must let the truth stand on its own and let good men decide. He must be a salesman but only as an evangelist is a salesman. He must be an evangelist but only as an intellectual is an evangelist. He must put other things aside for his cause, question his own sincerity, doubt his own convictions and listen for the false timbre in his own voice.

   That is, he must be the first one to know when he starts to lie. At that moment he must stop himself even if it means he gives up his spot. He is in danger, the kind of danger that damns the soul. He should look to his soul, for he will need that soul long after his place is lost.





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