The Ohio State Buckeyes…

…defeated the Crimson Tide of Alabama yesterday in some major bowl game or other. I admit, of the 38 available bowls in this college season (various of which are still available) I managed to watch a bit of the TCU romp over whomever it was they romped over and I did watch a fair portion of the Baylor game yesterday, mostly because my oldest grand-daughter, who is a fine athlete and will even watch sports on television, wanted to watch it.

I also admit she left during the first half with BU safely ahead (LOL, no lead is safe if you cannot tackle) to go to a movie musical with Meryl Streep in it. I think. Something about the forest. So, I got to keep two of the younger grand-daughters, ages 3 and 1. We finished the BU game together and, when it became apparent that baptists think tackling is much like dancing (it is not the act itself they find repugnant, but what it might lead to), we switched to The Princess Bride.

Although, the truth is, I had both little blonde-headed princesses to keep by myself and they wanted to sit on the couch and be held because they were just flat worn out from the holiday. So, the one year old laid still with her held on my shoulder and the three year old sat next to us, mostly holding my hand, but occasionally stroking her little sister’s hair.

Their parents interrupted our sofa-fest to take them home after awhile and I was left with The Ohio State vs. The Crimson Tide Team from Tuscaloosa, the one with an Elephant Mascot, which I totally do not get, but there you go. The Sabanites jumped out to a big lead and then began to channel the Baylor defense.

So, in honor of my good friends, Larry and Lewie Chapman and Chaplain Michael Reynolds, I wish to honor and laud The Ohio State University Buckeyes, who were only allowed into the Football Final Four at the last moment, with a third string QB and only because they were able to beat a team called “The Badgers.”

Larry and Lewie are a wonderful couple from Ohio where The Ohio State University Buckeyes play their football and attend classes. Larry is a retired football coach, a really good man and a very good friend. Lewie is a coach and educator, still working, and universally beloved by her young charges. Michael is a chaplain in Ohio, a great husband, father and minister. And all these friends of mine love their college football team.

This year, they have something more to cheer about. It must seem a lot like the old Woody Hayes days, although, to my knowledge, the new coach, a Mr. Meyers, has not yet punched an opposing player. He has one more game this year to correct this oversight and I trust he will be able to deliver a good blow.

In honor of their great season, and with love for the aforementioned persons, I heroically step forward on the second day of the year of our Lord, 2015, to predict that The Ohio State University Buckeyes will be able to win the first ever actual national championship (sort of) played out on a football field. The Buckeyes will win out over a team with gaudy uniforms named Ducks (the team, not the uniforms) and will win the first ever actual national championship (sort of) actually played on a field.

They will do this, overcoming the great Duck QB, whose name, I think is Mariano Rivera, or something close to similar, who has this year (ok, last year now) won the Heisman Trophy.

So, Michael, Larry and Lewie, we love you and anticipate the coming of yet another national championship in football to your beloved The Ohio State University Buckeyes. 

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