The Old Tree is Dead. You Still Need Shade.

   The Great Commission Task Force of the SBC is heavily salted with mega-church folks. These are men and women of erudition, accomplishment, vision and force.

   Their churches do not give large per centages of undesignated dollars to a central authority. They still give way too much real dollars to ignore. The result of their work will be two-fold; those who wish to give will be urged to give even more and institutions will be instructed to do more with less. The passing of the Traditional conformist generation, mixed with the schismatic vengefulness of the Modern controllers, swelling into the laizez-faire "we need to see it" post-mods will doom the institutions that do not take care of themselves.


   The immediate future holds 10% joblessness in the missions base USA. The not too distant future holds accelerating health care costs, spiking energy prices and enormous government deficits. There have been no tax cuts in recent years, my friends, only the federal government passing the service burden down the line to state and local governments. The institutions unable to defend themselves from predators, foreign and domestic, will not prove viable in the mid-21st century.


   So, who has the plan? The Plan must include immediate support for institutions, not in feeding them fish, but to teach them to fish for themselves. Charters will have to change. Trustee boards will need to include more than the group that just rotated off that board over there. Old scores will not be well settled. We are fighting for survival of the greater body.


   When there was plenty, two groups could fight over spoils. When there is not plenty, two groups must concern themselves about something more than themselves.


1 thought on “The Old Tree is Dead. You Still Need Shade.”

  1. We are often operating as zero-sum givers: a dollar spent on higher costs and taxes (and they are coming) is a dollar less for giving; a dollar given is a dollar less for me.
    It’s hard to transcend the zero-sum mindset. Also, we may not be used to giving from scarcity rather than from abundance. But God’s economy is different. He made certain promises.
    Now is a good time for discernment. IMO institutions that generously give — provide the most flow-through, fruitful ministry, see lives transformed, and brag on God rather then always on the institution — will continue to receive enough.

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