The Problem with Hate

   Hate makes you stupid. You should hate hate.

   The self-confessed Norwegian mass murderer claims he hated immigrants. Almost all of the people he killed were actually native Norwegians. He killed a lot of his countrymen because he was mad about immigration. 

   Hate makes you stupid.

   I am going to clean up the language in the next part of this presentation but the message is still going to be PG-13 rated. It came to me years ago in a way that would have been rated a hard R. So, be warned.

   A businessman, hard-bitten and cynical, once told me he had learned a hard lesson. To wit:

   "In business, when you try to stick it to someone (cleaned up) because you want revenge or because you just do not like them, you always end up sticking it to yourself."

   Hate makes you stupid.


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2 thoughts on “The Problem with Hate”

  1. I don’t hate much, yet I still feel stupid much of the time. Can you imagine how stupid I would be if I practiced a life of hatred? I cringe at the thought.

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