The RNC and (S)DNC Conventions are over for 2020

What did we see from the two conventions? The Socialist Democrat Party asked us to ignore riots, fires, insurrection and murder. Then they asked us to fear Donald Trump.The Socialist Democrats brought out Bill Clinton to give us a lecture on integrity in the Oval Office. Then they called Donald Trump dishonest.

The Socialist Democrats looked right at the camera and promised us they would and could protect America. Then they promised Medicare for all, open borders and called the trained Marxist rioters moving from city to city in America “peaceful protesters” and “young people who are showing us how to be better.”

The RNC featured persons of all races speaking. New citizens were naturalized and repentant prisoners were pardoned.

Mr. Trump spoke early and often. He was also deadly effective in his verbal onslaught against the Biden-Harris ticket. Since most of us are not watching what passes for sports now, we can look forward to the carnage if Mr. Biden ever leaves his basement and dares to debate Mr. Trump personally. This will not be Biden-Sanders I or II; what we might call Zero a Zero. This Biden-Trump debate will be embarrassing for Mr. BIden if he cannot remember his name, the office he is seeking or the state where he stands.

I truly expect the Biden camp to argue for Zoom type debates so their career politician does not have to go toe to toe with a New York businessman.

We shall see.

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