The Second Amendment will not be the first one gone

A mass shooting here or there occurs. Joe Biden confuses El Paso with Houstin and Dayton, Ohio, with Michigan. He is the leading candidate among the Socialists (nee Democrats) and, if he wins, his hand will be on the nuclear code. I predict he will first bomb Quebec. Those pesky French speakers.

And, each time we have a shooting, we are instructed by a community activist we must give up our Second Amendment rights. My confession; I do own a small gun. My gun has been loaded four or five times but never fired. I am nearly 66 years old and have never had to fire a shot in self-defense.

So, I am not wild about my gun, but I am very wild about all my freedoms. The person who tells me I need to be less free because he/she does not feel safe causes me to immediately cock my eyebrow, if not the hammer on my gun.

The Second Amendment gets a lot of attention. The Amendment in more danger is the First Amendment. In particular, our Freedom of Speech is attacked daily and the attendant Freedom of the Press is not far behind it.

What do I mean? We are told to shut up. You cannot have freedom of speech if a large portion of our populace can tell you to shut up and make it stick.

Allow me to illustrate. I am told this; as an older, white male, I am not allowed to express an opinion on women’s health, by which is meant abortion. I cannot speak because I cannot carry a child. I am not supposed to have an opinion, let alone express this opinion.

And, when I am told, old and codgertry though I may be, I immediately insist on my right to have, hold and express said opinion.

When I am told a certain portion of our population cannot be called racist, I listen closely because it seems all that comes forth from their mouths is racist. But, being White, I am told to keep my opinions to myself.

Uh. no.

Events may occur to make me less free. I will not surrender any of my rights voluntarily. The Socialists who worry about Agressive Smells and use hate speech to describe white people, the POTUS and our country will not get a participation ribbon from this old man.

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  1. Right on Rick. You are so correct. Seems our highly educated have not been taught True history to know what Socialism really means. Keep up the good work.

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