The Second Day of Explaining Socialism and Why It is Attractive, Suddenly, in the Good Old USA

Yesterday, we gave our first post on why Socialism is suddenly and undeniably a thing in our nation. That is, people only change when they are given a real reason to change.

We also touched on the issue for today. That is, we see Socialism on the rise in the USA because the generational group in which it seems to be rising do not see their issues being addressed.

We have all now see the meeting of the Socialist Party in America, recently held, wherein the chair addressed persons as comrade. One young man addressing the group from the floor needed to be sure everyone knew how to address him, in terms of pronouns. He also needed the group to keep down all noise because it kept him from focus. Then, when the group did not respond as favorably, he hysterically began to demand the collective consider his personal anxiety issues.

I thought it was a sketch from Saturday Night Live. In fact, I thought it was a pretty good sketch for SNL, which is not what it used to be in the old days. You remember, when it was funny.

Imagine my horror when various friends assured me it was real. From gavel to non-gavel coverage of the Socialist party meeting, wherein a young woman reminded the crowd the world was watching and they needed to be on good behavior in order to make more Socialists. Then, the fellow asked everyone to be quiet and announced their were triggering his anxiety.

A second speaker from the platform announced the position of the Quiet Rooms, where one could watch the goings on of the convention without sound. Conventioners were asked not to wear aggressive scents into the Quiet Rooms.

And, this is what I mean about their issues not being met. The millenials, the post-mods, are finally helping us come to some definition of who and what they are as a generation. The Traditionals, ruling America in the 1950s could dress alike, sit in rows, show up on time, answer to headquarters and respond to the call. Moderns, in the 60s and 70s could put together business systems to reach and organize masses of persons to sell the most widgets.

We did not know how to address the folks coming after the Moderns. Please note we still have Traditionals and Moderns in our culture, but the rotation of the earth is turning to the Millenials, Post Moderns and on and on. We did not see their needs. We were just as likely to deride them for their touchy feeling nonsense, their lack of maturity, their participation ribbons and their seeming belief that saying, if they say it, makes it so.

They have other issues. They are anxious, fearful, able to care about certain rights but not others. They are finally trying to organize, systematize and proselyte. The results are comical, as the convention I mentioned. Other of their organizational efforts end in masked young people beating journalists, like the Antifas They practice hate speech (stay away from the MAGA a—holes and cops), have their conspiracy theories (Russian collusion) and really believe what they say they believe, though they get very frustrated when they cannot get their way RIGHT NOW.

This makes the young Socialists easy pickings for the Moderns, like Ms. Clinton, Mr. Biden, Ms. Warren, Mr. Sanders, and, yes, Mr. Trump. I am happy they are now coming out of mom’s basement and putting down the video game for an hour or two, at age 28. Better late than never.

I digress. The Socialists, led by what was once the Democrat Party, are now pushing back against the Democrats and may be the end of the Dems, as Mr. Trump pushed back against the Modern GOP, better called the Modern Old Party, or MOP, before Mr. Trump pushed out the Bush family, Mr. McCain, Mr. Kasich, et al. The Dems learned from Mr. Trump, at least this one thing, that the old practices did not go far enough. The Right would need to go more to the right, Mr. Trump showed. The Dems could not go to the Right, so they had to go to the Left. Now, they are all looking back to the Center over the head of Senator Sanders, who thinks you should be poor, but he should have the fruits of his best selling books. Sigh.

The young Socialists are being played by the Moderns. It is a given.

However, they are also coming out because they do not have jobs, or incomes, or other, you know, stuff. Socialism is not spiritual, as some seem to think. Socialism is a systemic, dialectical ethos designed to tell the masses what to do with the material means of living. It is about stuff, not compassion, or justice. Therefore, it is the antithesis of American life.

The generation of young Socialists thinks you cannot have an opinion on abortion if you are not a woman. They want to define who can and cannot be called a racist, based on how this or that ethnic group suffered a century ago. They want to open the borders and bankrupt the social network designed to protect your old age.

They are wrong in so many places. And, they are what is coming. Pay attention. They are not bad, just wrong, but wrong is dangerous, in so many ways.

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