The Seventh Commandment

   Thou shalt not fear to read philosophy. Thou wilt pay close attention to Heraclitus, Hume, Kant and Whitehead. Thou wilt read them in company of much caffiene but thou wilt not tire until thou art done.

   How shalt thou know if thou art done? Thou art done when canst answer them on the Logos, the categorical imperative, epistemology and the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. Thou shouldest know a thing or two about the open empiricism, as well.

   What would a person of faith do when he finedth a large rock in his field? The rock is large enough to disturb his plowing. Shall he plow around it? Shall he plow over it? Shall he determine it is there to doom him to poor plowing and a shortened field? Shall he decide the rock is right and give up farming altogether? Or shall he plow it up and how shall he plow it up from his field?

   Thou shalt find the answers to the dilemma of The Rock and so live serenely and with some integrity.

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