The Sleaze Factor, 2012

   Gary Hart had a picture taken with a young woman sitting on his lap. Unfortunately, he was not related to her in any way other than the lap and the photo. He disappeared from political radar shortly thereafter..

   John Kennedy. Well, for goodness sake.

   In the Clinton Administration, the Sleaze Factor was called "Bimbo Eruptions." I often thought that was to transfer responsibility on to the women, who, it seemed, suffered from acute power imbalance. Really, do you remember Mr. Clinton having a tryst with anyone before he accumulated some kind of poltical power?

   John Edwards. See above, Kennedy, John.

   Lyndon Johnson had an alarm in his office to let him know when his wife was coming.

   I am trying to be nice about all this because this is a family blog.

   Now, we enter Sleaze Factor 2012. Apparently, six GOP congressmen went on a junket to Israel, had some drinks and took a clothing optional dip in the Galilee. Only one opted for no clothing but the media (gasp) is now making this sound like a drunken something or other. 

   I would caution pubic persons from going overseas and then going overboard. It can cost you a lot of embarrassment. 

   Now, get this. This dip in the Galilee is being linked to the (admittedly shaky) grasp of human biology exhibited by the Republican nominee for US Senate in Missouri, Todd Akin. Mr. Akin apparently believes the female body is capable of spontaneous refusal of unwanted pregnancy.

   One assumes Mr. Akin missed that day in health class.

   Now, Mr. Todd Akin is being linked to Mr. Paul Ryan, who never said anything of the kind and does not live in Missouri, he being from Wisconsin and all. Indeed.

   I do not begin to understand where Mr. Akn gets his information, or why Republicans would nominate him for much of anything or why he links to Mr. Ryan for any other reason than both are Republicans and Pro-Lifers. Aintsobad is Pro-Life, as well, so you understand my overall bias.

   The Sleaze Factor has toppled careers, demoted assistants and outright lost some elections. On the other hand, at least one American president took his illegitimate child to the White House with him. Sleaze is not always a deciding factor.

   I can tell you, when a major party nominates people who have little or no grasp of reality, it makes them look, well, unbalanced. When a Congressman does not know he needs clothes in public, it makes him look, well, naked.

   And silly.



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