The Social Network and My Technical Incompetence

For some reason, when I get an invitation to connect on Linked In, when I reply, something else pops up and I end up having Linked In go through my contact list, which means pretty much everyone I ever sent an email to in my lifetime. Thus, various unsuspecting citizens get an invitation from me to connect on Linked In. Some have suffered through this more than once, since I keep making the same user error.

If you have recently (this week) been bothered by yet another invitation to connect with me, I apologize, again. I will try not to do this again. If, however, this has caused you to reconnect with me for whatever reason, then I am actually happy. I enjoy all my friends and remember why I love you when I see your name pop up, regardless of how it happens.

I attended my oldest grand-daughter’s volleyball match last evening, for instance, and saw an friend at the game. I have had no contact with him for more than five years. Now, he is the AD at the school where we were playing last night. We had a marvelous talk and made plans to visit again soon. God has put a lot of people in my path, most for the good.

So, if I have bothered you on-line again, I apologize and will try to do better. If, on the other hand, we have an opportunity to reconnect, even given my error, that is worth the embarrassment.

Happy Friday.

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