The Socialist Agenda

Ok, I spent two weeks posting about our ministry and asking for financial help, since we do not take any tax money. That is correct, not a penny of government control (I mean support) do we take.

During this time, I have also spent some hours looking over the Socialist Agenda for the 2020 election cycle. I think I have something for you.

First of all, the Democrats now identify themselves as Socialist Democrats. From the religious world, I can tell you when some group starts to identify itself with a noun used as an adjective in front of their common name, the “noun-jective” tells you a great deal more about them than their old single word name.

For instance, when a baptist starts to call its church :”King James Version” baptist, you know right now what you will hear in that congregation. There will be lots of thees and thous thundered out by people in denim jackets. KJV readers and communists wear denim. I don’t know why.

When the used to be Democrat party candidates start to call themselves Socialist Democrats, forget the Democrat part. That was their maiden name. They are Socialists, and I think I may have a handle on their agenda.

Look at a few things every Socialist (nee Democrat) wants:

  1. Open the borders
  2. Promise free essentials for all to establish a reliable voting bloc
  3. Disarm the citizenry
  4. Impoverish the citizenry (free stuff costs somebody something)
  5. Prevent the police from policing
  6. Silence anyone who disagrees by assigning bad names to them and virtuous signals to your side
  7. Simmer, Stir and Repeat

What will happen to a nation with open borders, free everything paid by the people who have already paid, a disarmed and divided citizenry and a police body unable to police? What do you get?

I think you get Biden’s America where you have six hours to fire someone before he pulls the plug on you or you get Warren’s world or Bernie’s hypocrisy. Please note members of the US House are trying to impeach Mr. Trump for much less than Mr. Biden claims. Please notice Ms. Warren has changed her ethnicity (again) and admitted she got fired from her first job because she was unqualified and not because she was pregnant and that Mr. Sanders went to a private hospital to have his heart procedure rather than wait in line at a public facility.

Why are we listening to these people, America? Push back. Show them you are not as stupid as they insist you must be.

Tomorrow: What happens when the borders open.

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