The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

   While I am being happy and nice (sans medication) let me say a word about the SBT group. My church home is BGCT and wishes not to be bothered about relationship matters ever again. I am only too happy to oblige.

   A friend told me about some materials available to churches through the SBTC. They are called "The Inheritance." He urged me to look at the materials. I called the SBTC and asked if an"outside" could get them. The dear lady who answered the phone immediately requested the materials  for me and I got them the next day. This, though I made it clear I was not in an SBTC related church. I have had two follow up calls to make sure I got the material and if there were other things I needed to advance the Kingdom work.

   I remember sitting with my staff colleagues years ago at Midlothian, as we were on the verge of exciting growth in numbers, and they were asking me for my vision of what we should do. I remember telling them, "I want something of quality for every age group every time the doors are open here, regardless of who produces the materials we decide to use; baptist or not."

   We held to that standard. I admire excellence wherever I find it. The non-customer service I got from the SBTC office was absolutely outstanding. No one told me their department did not serve this way  or have this material or tell me the responsible personnel were not available.

   It was a good experience for me.

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