The Theological Question

My agnostic buddy (level five agnostic by his definition) took me to lunch last week. I love him, he knows I do, so we have lunch twice a month, so he can torture me. He pays for lunch, so I eat well.

He asked me, “What about the Coptic Christians?”

He is not thinking of conversion or theology. He has less than no concern about Coptic church history or doctrine/dogma/theology. He wants to know about the Coptic Christians because he noticed how the Coptic Christians are suffering in Egypt. He sees one report after another about how the Muslim Brotherhood sanctions professional and personal attacks on Coptic Christians in their culture;

“I don’t know about this Arab Spring thing,” my Agnostic Friend told me. “The media guys keep calling it democratic but it does not seem democratic to me. It looks like old time religious persecution, like the Inquisition.”

My AF is not your run of the mill Level Five Agnostic. He does care about religious things. He is like many people in our culture; unchurched, irreligious but very much concerned with Things Theological. At least, he cares about Things Theological as these theological matters relate to every day life.

You know, sort of like Jesus. The theology of Jesus is every day theology. He lives in the Heaven-World conjunctive place, where the I-Thou suddenly becomes one with the One. My  AF lives there, when he lives in the Spirit Realm, which he does, he wants to know how it all comes together to be right and good. Lots of my AFs are good Christians, they just do not know it. They live according to Christ’s standards they just do not name God in their mantra. I demand this opinion be taken into account: that my AFs would be happier if they would give The Name (religious) to their practical activity.

And you have to love them. I love my AF pal. He redresses much of my thinking because he is going to bring it all together without concern to non-critical thinking. He is vital to my devotional life. He asks the theological question. A preacher without a practicing Level Five Agnostic Friend is a crippled Christian.

3 thoughts on “The Theological Question”

  1. Davis?
    You allow yourself to be challenged?
    You do not live in a cocoon?
    You have no protective moat?
    You do not surround yourself with sycophants?
    No guard at the entry to keep the rabble away?

    Oh as that were we all!

    Per Todd’s theme: Walk-off home run!

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