The Three Reasons for the Seemingly Sudden Rise of American Socialism. No, Four.

One of the major party candidates for POTUS in 2020 will be a self-defined socialist. In 2016 Bernie Sanders, the Millionaire Communist from Vermont was the only Socialist running. This time around ALL the Leftists, nee-Democrats, are running to the Left of 2016 Bernie, including Bernie.

Your choice in 2020 will be between Mr. Trump and someone who wants you to believe he or she is a Socialist. In all probability, the top of the ticket for each major party will be someone over 70 years of age.

NOTE: ALL THIS changes if Michelle Obama enters the race because no palatable former Dem can be found. Ms. Obama will be formidable against Mr. Trump, or whomever, should she ever decide to try to be the first female POTUS. She is strong, intelligent and articulate. She does not drag the Clinton baggage behind her.

All that being said, here is the fourth of three reasons why the once and former Dems now call themselves Socialists. I believe they do so appropriately The fourth of three, with which I start today, is the underlying reason, and the most obvious, although the others are strong enough to stand independent of one another.

To wit, people only change when given a really good reason to change. The three reasons I will give up this week will explain why the Socialist young are coming, but this first explanation is the foundation of them all. The Young Socialists believe their nation, their life and their acceptable, if former, party, is propelling them outward.

Remember the Gipper? President Ronald Reagan was a life long Democrat, until relatively late in his professional life. Mr. Reagan summed up why he changed his affiliation and took millions of then Democrats with him.

“I did not leave the Democratic Party,” Mr. Reagan said. “The Democratic Party left me.”

Squaring tiny shoulders, I arise to announce, I believe the young Americans who are offering scent free, quiet rooms at their convention, along with the pronouncement of their gender preference pronouns, believe their nation, party and general life just does not particularly care about their generational issues.

This is a generation unlikely to serve in the military and thoroughly innocent of any memory of the Cold War. They do not remember the Berlin Wall, but they are very worried about a wall on our Southern border. They may or may not have education; may or not want jobs; might still live with parents; do not mature early or with great enthusiasm. Religion does not appeal to them, though they consider themselves spiritual. So long as they are not imminently confronted, they are fine, but their concerns for their own feelings and the feelings of others is paramount and a large part of what defines them.

And, they are what is coming. The GOP ignores them at great peril.

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