The Trivial Details of My Personal Experience Mostly Have to Do

Wow. I am bored to death with what I am writing. Usually, autumn inspires me, cooler weather and leaves changing colors.

This year, well, not so much. I use a lot of energy meeting people, moving around from place to place and teaching in various schools.  I spent several hours each week on Upward Soccer  until recently. Now that soccer is over, I miss my kids on the PowerKraze Upward team. They did a good job all year.

And I ran last night. After the day’s work was complete, though it never is in my vocation, I went to a local high school to referee some basketball games. And I ran for two and one half hours.

That is, if you call what I do running. My running is more like controlled falling. My feet start shuffling, my huge melon-head plummets forward and I tromp down the floor.

My running is sort of like The Walking Dead zombie scenes. You hear feet shuffle, feel foul breath and finally realize the person following you is decaying during the chase.

There. That was a decent couple of sentences.

I was the R last night, which befits my ancient status. The R is the Referee, who is generally responsible for running the game. The teams belong to the respective coaches, the game belongs to the Referee, along with his two cohorts, who are called Umpires for game purposes, In a three person rotation, that means you have Referee, Umpire One and Umpire Two. The Referee is usually the official who tosses up the ball. A Referee can designate another official to toss up the ball, but still retains the Referee designation for other purposes. He has minimally more authority over the others in some ways but tons more responsibility.

My two partners last night were both second year guys. One was six feet and eight inches tall, very black and athletic. The other one was not. We had to work on rules interpretations, mechanics and positioning. Other than that, we were fine. They both hustled pretty  well, listened and were respectful to their mentor.

To be a High School basketball official, one takes eight quizzes or tests, goes to camps and clinics and maintains some kind of conditioning. The ideal  basketball official has thick skin, light feet, good eyes and very, very bad hearing. It is astonishing what some people think it appropriate to say (or scream) in a group setting, if one is in a gym during the autumn of the year.

Just astonishing.

We should also talk about pain levels but that might be something for another day. Today my right heel is unhappy with me, and the left side of my neck is stiff because one turns one’s head when sprinting down the court.

Or, in my case, toppling forward like a reanimated corpse.

And, the muscle under the fat layer on my ab section is sore. This will get better, about twenty games in, but the foot pain, like campaign attack ads, seems to go on forever.

That was pretty good.

Perhaps by Thanksgiving I will be back up to writing daily or more than twice a week. Thanks to all who followed me or found me here after nearly a decade over at typepad. I rather enjoy having my own website, connecting is easier and navigation. Now, if I could only think of something to write.

Now, I intend to enjoy All Hallow’s Eve and tomorrow, All Saints Day. The road, as they say, goes on forever but the party never ends.





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