The Union

   Americans, likely voters in 2008, were recently polled as to the characteristics they want in a presidential candidate. Overwhelmingly, Americans voted for three traits above all others in the person for whom they would vote in November.

   Transparency, authenticity and a unifier who will overcome gridlock and partisianship were their choices. Imagine such a one.

   The vision of Cicero, the wisdom of Lincoln, the unreproachable dignity of Washington, the fiery courage of Hamilton, the self sacrificing nature of the Christ, all rolled into one.

   Wait. Who was that last guy?

   The Christ is Jesus. The word Christ is the English transliteration of the Greek word Xristos, itself a translation of the Jewish word messias (forgive the inclusion of the vowels). The term Christ is actually a title. It means "the annointed one of God." His name, Jesus, means "the one who saves from sin." When we call Him Jesus Christ, we mean the one who saves from sin, the annointed one of God, for we make our faith, Christians, around the presupposition God alone can forgive sin.

   We may often make the mistake of saying the one thing we know about man, woman, humankind, is that every man, woman, human is a sinner. We all mess up and step in it. We find it impossible to keep our own diluted moral standards, let alone reach the high bar of some famous religious leader of yore.

   We are not wrong to call man sinful but wrong to stop as though that is all we know of man, looking back. In fact, the first thing we read about man in the Judeo-Christian lore is this; man is made in the divine image and into him/her is breathed the breath of life, a living soul, not just oxygen.

   Man is made for God’s enjoyment or pleasure. When man delights God (and man so often does delight God) God delights in man.

   Then, there are other times when, well, um, uh,yeah…not so much.

   Still, God loves. God is so passionate about man you can almost predict what God will do in any given situation. Man will totally mess up, royally foul the air, pollute the soil, ruin the economy and blight the earth. God will push on man until he, man, sees there is a better way to go but God will find a way to redeem man.

   Man is God’s passion. God is so love crazed in regard to man He, God, will literally die to know us.

   God is transparently good, authentically loving and eternally uniting. You can’t have gridlock with God. Sometimes I think God is ADD/HA because He is so willing to forgive and forget sin and is so constantly on the move in the cosmos.

   So, here is the idea.

  We’ll all just vote for Jesus this fall. Write in the name Jesus Christ next to President on the ballot.

   He is after all, the Ultimate Servant of the People.

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