The Universal Hand Gesture of Disdain

So, I am coming back from Waco yesterday, up the extended parking lot called I-35. My speed can, at best, be called deliberate.

That is, I poke along. I drive slowly. The Posted Speed Limit is often five mph more than I am driving. This is one reason my vehicles tend to last a long time. My last vehicle died of boredom.

A young person in a small car got stuck in behind me. The left lane was momentarily clogged and I was tearing along at 65.

After a few minutes the left lane cleared and the nice girl in the BMW could go around me. She pulled up next to me, wavered a moment so I would be sure to look and then showed me the Universal Hand Gesture of Disdain.

I smiled at her. She repeated the Universal Hand Gesture of Disdain. Perhaps she thought I had not seen her first gesture.

I smiled again. I offered a friendly wave.

Now clearly infuriated, she once again proferred the UHGofD. I smiled for the last time.

She pulled over to the lane in front of me and drove several  miles with her left hand all the way out the window, exhibiting, you guessed it, the UHGofD.

Finally, while I continued to poke along at 65, she put the “pedal to the metal” and disappeared up the next hill.

A few minutes later I caught up to her again. She was sitting by the side of the road, digging in her purse for her license and insurance, to show it to a nice State Trooper.

I changed lanes, smiled and gave her a friendly wave.

3 thoughts on “The Universal Hand Gesture of Disdain”

  1. It is not good to mess with the one’s whom the Lord has called and anointed. But it was only a “coincidence” that this happened.

    I feel certain there will be several other “coincidences” in the near future in the lives of those who do not grasp just how much God loves the faithful servant.

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