The Winner of Last Night’s Debate

Immanuel Kant.

Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher of several centuries ago. He became the philosophical godfather of millions of Americans and other Western thinkers.

Immanuel Kant is better known for his presuppositional statement, to wit:

Truth is only knowledge filtered through one’s own needs and cognitive abilities.

In short, your truth is your truth, while I have mine and while that fellow over there has his truth. Whatever works for you as your truth is worth all and every idea or ideal held by any person. This is why a United States Senator can finally be chosen by his dying party to run for President and, when not allowed to simply state and restate his untruths and misconceptions can then look at his notes and say to the President, “Oh, just shut up man.”

Last week I posted under the title “Joe Biden is not Demented,” the assertion Mr. Biden has little or no convictions of his own but can tell a good idea when he sees one. He can repeat his assertions and become a blatant bully when he is challenged because he belongs to the group directly descended from Mr. Kant and his mostly atheistic Existentialistic school set on the presupposition all ideas are equivalent and, so, all persons are egalitarian in nature.

So, I say Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden and Chris Wallace and those who, like this writer, tried to hang on through a two hour train wreck, all lost. Immanuel Kant was hosted and honored by millions who cannot repeat his name or recount his works, because his philosophy proved ascendant, again. What you believe is worth about what I believe and if you don’t get that, you should just shut up, man.

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