The Fourth Commandment of the 21st Century Pastor

  Thou shalt not become a commercial servant and so tie thy self-esteem to the success of the organization thou frontest. In order to avoid such entanglement, thou shalt look deeply within thine own soul. There thou wilt regard all that is right and wrong, good and evil, beautiful and plain about all the persons whom thou confrontest.

   Further, upon each day, thou shalt regard thy family with interest, humor and concern. If thou produceth a growing congregation but thy children stinketh and thy wife withereth or wandereth like Gomer, thou hast failed, regardless of what thy peers tell thee.

   Further, upon each day, thou shalt check thy baggage of trite sayings, cute retorts, impugned characters, borrowed ideas and easy answers. Thou shalt not imitate thy neighbor down the road except as he/she imitates the Christ.

   When thou useth the written word, thou wilt know how it actually readeth, not how thou needest it to read to prove thy point.

   If thou tellest others they will be blessed if they sendeth money to God but giveth thine own address, thou art a smelly rat. If it costeth more to hear thee preach than to attendeth a rock concert, thou art a double smelly rat and should be sent forth from the barn.

1 thought on “The Fourth Commandment of the 21st Century Pastor”

  1. It’s easy to say, “Amen!” to this commandment. I find it very difficult to not seek after the “success” of the church that I pastor. I feel a twinge of jealosy when another local pastor looks like he will actually implement a ministry that I have only dreamed of. I realize the error of this line of thinking… but it’s insidious. It takes constant guarding to keep it at bay.

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