Theology, Religion, Applications and Politics

   I really enjoyed writing on evangelism in response to Ken Coffee's challenge to Texas bloggers a couple of weeks ago. And my hits fell.

   I truly find satisfaction in writing about religious issues in fiction form. Boj and Golda are still on  my radar. I just need some time to prepare emotionally for what is about to happen to Boj. And my hits fell.

   I get a real thrill from pointing out things on the religious landscape, particularly things that real people think about while the Sadduccees meet over the religious hot potato issues, things like angels dancing on the head of a needle, or inerrancy or other irrelevancies. And my hits fall.

   Then, I get involved in somethings I call Religious Urban Myths. Is the BGCT escrowing Lottie Moon funds? Probably not, it is heinous and too easy to prove or disprove but the religious shell game in baptist life is so entrenched, you will be called serious names if you ask a question, so those of us who do have to be squashed.

   I would point out to you that in the Valleygate Scandal, when millions of dollars were funneled into non-existent churches (allegedly) all the powers-that-be had to do was turn the checks over and see who was endorsing them. The elitists failed to take this manful act and the result was charges filed, finally, in federal court. No indictments, yet, but enough lawsuits and bad will to last a life time.

   And when I deal with the Religious Urban Myth my hits rise exponentially. Questions get asked and answered. Issues get resolved.

   I am a smooth running 55 years of age, in terrific shape (BP 132 over 72, resting pulse of 60, cholesterol and triglycerides dead level excellent) and ready intellectually for the last 25 years of my life, if God grant me grace.

   So, what do I want?

   I want to finish strong. I got off the career track when I made my political decisions a few short years ago. The fellows who flack for the moderate-liberal side cannot get at the fundamentalists they hate and fear, so they come after the people they can reach. I am one. Believe me when I tell you that, as a former card carrying moderate, it is safer and easier to be the enemy of the center-left than to be their once and sometimes friend.

   I want to think, really think, and not consult my fears that so few people will think with me.

   I want the church where I am pastor to grow spiritually and numerically and see no reason why the two should be seen as in rigid conflict.

   I want to find a way to support ministries and culture transforming educational institutions so that the ministries have all they need, not little dollops of resources doled out by mid-level mediocrities. I want the schools to be palaces. I want students to be able to afford to attend without setting themselves in for debt they won't see the end of until their mid-40's or later.

   I want to find a way to get Free Church ministers to take responsibility for their (our) own Sacred Calling. We need ways to screen and intervene, to minister to and mentor with other ministers. We don't have it because we don't organize for it and we don't rise up to demand it. We are pitifully organized, where we are organized at all, and so easy to divide.

   I want to sit in a book lined study and read twelve hours a day, knock on doors for twelve hours a day, give training to potential ministers and aspiring lay people for twelve hours a day. I want to spend all my time with young people and all the rest of my time in solace to the aged. I want to bind up the wounds of my culture, bear any burden, pay any price, make any sacrifice for the good of all.

   I want to get a good compost heap going in my side yard, in order to make my own dirt.

   I want to play with my grandkids twenty four hours a day and then take long naps to get over the play. Their constant motion wears me out.

   I want to sit on my porch with a copy of Wheat's Intro to Logic and finally figure out how to use it.

   I think this whole task may be more than I can do.


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