There are these three thought systems

Traditionalism, Existentialism and Utopianism. Americans are currently being told our traditions are evil. The way to purge the nation of evil is to burn down the Traditions, live violently in the moment and thus progress to a new segregated Utopia.

The great danger is, of course, the moment at hand, which means the Existential system of thought, forgetting what came prior and focusing on unrealistic ideals ahead, is what most matters. There are, of course, various schools of Existential thought, all of which can be used interchangeably and, so, are equally misleading.

For instance, today, we have an Existentialism designed (and so destined) to hold forth an equality of ideas and an egalitarianism of persons. The problem with an Existentialism set with a belief that all ideas are equal is fraught with perils not the least of which is this one; not all ideas are equal.

Sadly, all who would argue with my presuppositional statement above have already forfeited the argument because they must assert the belief that all ideas are the same, so mine must be at least as good as theirs.

And, for the few still reading, here is the peril for a culture which accepts the idea all beliefs are the same and all persons are to be accepted equally regardless of their beliefs since all beliefs, thoughts, et alia, are the same.

For instance, I totally reject Marxism, Leninism, Socialism and all other brands of Totalitarianism, from the Left or the Right. I reject them because their intellectual DNA is humanistic, not divine.

To be pointed, the Christian world view is not humanistic. We have traditions, we live in the present and hope for the good to come, but our expression is completely different than the Traditional, Existential and Utopian world views.

What is our intellectual DNA?

We accept the human, but reject the humanistic.

We accept the divine expression of existence.

What is the divine expression as Christians see it?

In place of the Traditional system, we believe in the Creative System.

In lieu of the Existential system, we believe in the Redemptive System.

Instead of the Utopian system, we accept the Kingdom System of thought.

Remember, you cannot argue with me because you believe all ideas are the same. I can argue with you forever because my presuppositional statement is Christian ideas are above and beyond all others.

So, have a nice Tuesday.

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