This Blog Site is Pro-Israel

Please note the title of this post. I use it to express my intense sentiment. This Blog Site is Pro-Israel. If you are offended by Pro-Israel expressions, I suppose you can call me a racist and say I am blinded by Jewish money, though I am not a racist and I do not monetize this site.

This Blog Site is Pro-Israel. Since this is my Blog Site and I alone take responsibility for its content I am completely certain I can speak to the motives of its author.

I am Pro-Israel. I am more than reasonably certain this does not require me to be Anti-Anyone, though that will be the next accusation hurled this way, if common, current practice continues.

I am Pro-Israel. I can give you these reasons for my concern for Israel. To wit:

  1. We have seen a Holocaust aimed directly at the Jewish people within the last hundred years. One is one more than we ought to get. We do not get to sit idly by while another Jewish genocide fulminates.
  2. We are, as Americans, the one true hope for Israel. We do not dare to let down our watch care over the nation of Israel. To do so for any measurable time would result in a carnage not seen since Christian Europe in 1945.
  3. God requires of us that we actively oppose evil wherever we find it. If genocide is not evil, then nothing is evil.

So, this Blog-site is Pro-Israel. So shall we remain.

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