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I am terrified to see how elements of the US Congress have turned suddenly and certainly against our great ally, the nation of Israel. I believe this is a potentially deadly reversal of American foreign policy. Let me take a moment to list some of the reasons I believe America must remain pro-Israel

  1. The Bible tells us God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. If there were nothing else to say, as a practicing Christian, I would be pro-Israel.
  2. Israel is the one and only working democratic republic in the Mideast.
  3. If we stop support for Israel for any appreciable time Israel will cease to exist. The neighboring nations around Israel will commit to an act of genocide terrible enough to make the Holocaust pale by comparison. We cannot afford to wait until after Israel is attacked and then go in to try to rescue their populace after blood runs as high as the reins of the horses.
  4. Israel is our one and only reliable ally in the Mideast. What happens when a nation suddenly reverses its support for an established ally against an established enemy?Ask Britain (then Great Britain) what happened in their national life after Munich. Led by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, they were willing to surrender their honor in hopes they might prevent a war. The lost their honor and still got the war.
  5. To forsake Israel will overturn a US foreign policy standard held since the nation of Israel was reconstituted in 1948. This was true for all those decades regardless of who occupied the White House or held the Congress. I know one of the empty headed women in the Gang of Four believes people her age know all about history, but, as far as I can tell, she knows less about history than garbage disposals.
  6. Despite all the great national danger Israel has faced since 1948, they have never asked the USA to support them militarily with our young men and women. They have allowed us to provide arms and materials for them to use in the wars forced on them by their neighbors. They have never asked us to fight for them. Please take a few moments and then write me to name any other of our close allies who have not asked us to bleed for them.

Next Time: What the American Abortion Industry Has Taught the Religious Right.

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