To Get It Back: Make Amends and Then Move On

    The Chairman of the BP board got put in front of the cameras because his able CEO did such a poor job in PR, the POTUS said he should be fired. The CEO had said he wanted the oil spill mess over so he could "have his life back."

   The Chairman got before the cameras for the first time and called all the millions of people the oil rig explosion "small." He said it over and over again.

   Hours later, after being savaged on the net, he had to get up and apologize for the word "small." He said he spoke in "clumsy" fashion. Then he announced BP would establish a 20 Billion Dollar escrow for the small people and, in addition, BP would not pay a dividend to shareholders this year.

   When you totally mess up, when oil plumes are gathering in the Gulf and people are about to lose their businesses, do not call them small and act like the whole thing is annoying to you. 

   Understand there are a million of us little gnats out here who will blog on you for hours. You will not need to pay pollsters. We will be your polls. We do not need Brian Williams to tell us how we feel about it.

   Also, when you totally mess up, make real amends your priority and then move on. I can think of one state denominational apparatus in Texas that has messed up badly. It keeps trying to move on but cannot quite work through step eight in the Big Boo; make amends.

   This particular apparatus has a great many hold overs from a former administration. These people actually, actively hurt people in the field. Their culture is still present and their underlings continue to mitigate against those who are "not our friends," even if those "not our friends" still cooperate financially with the larger body.

   This has to stop. People in the field are your support. The supporters do not work for you. 

Opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect those of any other person or organization.

2 thoughts on “To Get It Back: Make Amends and Then Move On”

  1. Tribute to the “Small People” or “Small Man”
    There once was a man by the Sea,
    He lived and he fished yes-Siree.
    But due to the oil, he’ll now face a ban,
    It’s the fault of B.P., who called him a “small man.”
    Yes, a “small man” is he, who fishes the sea.
    He works all day, and he labors all night.
    The Rig did blow, it sunk to the floor.
    Oh my God, could it be the start of a war?
    Our only hope is to stop the leak,
    The oil roars out and fills the water.
    The BP bosses looked pretty meek,
    And then Obama got mad, and then got hotter.
    So, to the Brits across the Pond I say,
    The term “small people” is no longer valid.
    Just empty your pcokets and start to pay,
    Yes, these “small people” will own BP in a money-salad!

  2. Rick,
    You were a witness when a BGCT employee told me I hurt a lot of people and that they would not work with me. My intention was never to hurt. I still, sick as I am, love the BGCT. I want to see it healed. I want to see it work again. But as long as those who got hurt because of their cowardice or cooperation with the corruption are in power, I will just have to be happy with being hated.

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