To Write

  The first time I write a piece

I draw it from my heart.

The heart part, the first,

that’s the real piece.

If that is enough,

the piece you write,

the first one, from your heart,

it will leave you alone.

The first piece will not

call out to you at night.

You may stumble over it

or someone may put it in your way again.

If the heart part

does not serve its purpose

it will disturb your sleep.


your brain will go back

to the heart piece


you will change it

late one night

or early one morning


you will change the piece.

You will change the heart piece

with your brain

but you will never make it better

than the piece

of your heart

you first put on the page.

I have read

and re-read

heart pieces

five thousand words

to add

a comma.



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