Today I Made a Promise to Two Black Women

Today, I met Darnett. I met Darnett through one of her caregivers. Darnett is a past-middle aged African-American woman living in a hospice in St. Louis, Missouri. She is one of ten siblings raised in a two bedroom, one bath apartment in St. Louis. All ten went to college, made their way in the world and raised families.

Darnett is dying. She has one of those neurological diseases; the kind that kill you twice. First, it kills your mind. Then, and only when it has extracted the last bit of dignity, it kills your body.

Her brother, one of her caregivers, asked me to pray for Darnett.

I told him, as of tonight, 2,000 will be praying for Darnett. If all the people in my social media and in your socials media pray for Darnett, it will be more like 10,000 people, but that will not be too many.

Please pray for Darnett.

Today I met Alyshia. She is from Zimbabwe. She is young,black and very lovely. She wants nothing more than to gain sanctuary to live here in the United States. She has paid for her education in the medical field. She just wants to live and work in the USA.

I promised Alyshia the same thing I promised Darnett’s brother. As of tonight, 2000 people will be praying for Alyshia, that she gain sanctuary to live and work in the USA.

Please pray for Darnett. Please pray for Alyshia. Please ask all the people in your prayer ministry to pray for them.

Thanks for helping me keep my promises to two black women.

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