Today, it struck me…

…and I mean it struck me hard.

   Today is cold, north wind and rain, with dark clouds blotting out the cursed globe that blights our land for years. We have had two seasons for too long; summer and late summer. Today is delicious, biting wind hurling large globules of rain before it, set to stay a day, welcome to stay for ten.

   So, I rose early, before it was yet light, like the women who wanted to minister to Jesus' dead body, and took to prayer. Ere the dawn first struck, I was ready for the day.

   I took three books with me for the day. Dale Moody's Word of Truth for doctrine, Soren Kierkegaard's Either/Or for thinking purposes and H. W. Brand's Traitor to His Class just for fun. I pulled up Pavarotti's greatest hits album on my ipod, with repeated plays of Curtis' "Torna a Surriento" for civility. 

   I wrote a poem I have been thinking about for awhile. It is an autumn verse, not for a hot day. Then, I dropped two pages in the journal for my youngest son.

   Then, it struck me. It hit me hard.

   I am a complete, total, absolute geek.

   It cannot be denied.


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