Today we remembered our grandson…

…with a ceremony at his grave site. His mother spoke, very movingly, and changed the way I think about what has happened to us all. She encouraged the family and friends who gathered in the chilly sunset to remember the baby, and to ask them about him and about how they are doing, because “to do so means you all remember him.”

None of us who gathered will ever forget him. The little boy was gone almost before he got here. I did not get to teach him his basketball, but I put a small basketball on his grave. Others have followed me to clean up my mess and put their own treasures there for him; a little race car, a praying angel, some lights that come on at dusk, some fans to twirl in the wind.

I do not think we will forget him.

On Thanksgiving, his Nana said to our assembled family, “Little John reminded us how to keep our family close and live with courage and faith in God.”

We will remember this baby until that day when we see him again.

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