Todd Littleton, Radical Chaositist and My Friend

   For those who do not know and humor alert-wise, Todd Littleton is my good, good friend. We served on church staff together. We have very much "been there" for each other along the way. We have known each other for nearly thirty years. I love him and all of his family, even Paul.

   Todd is in Oklahoma, again, against my wishes, but someone has to do that work and he is an Okie, after all. We mildly disagree on UT and OU football, which has worked to his advantage since Colt McCoy left UT.

   We have a bit of discretionary conflict over the 2012 POTUS election. I have exaggerated that beyond belief by calling him an arch-anarchist. Apparently, some who are new to me and to Todd have taken that a bit more seriously than I intended. So, while I mean what I say about Msrs. Obama and Romney, I engage in hyperbole in regard to Reverend Doctor Littleton.

   On the other hand, he is a Radical Chaositist, as evidenced by his announcement he is going to the mountains to watch a hot air baloon race. This is obviously a ploy to obfuscate his Survivalist tendencies.

   The man will bear watching.



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