Tomorrow, Energy Allowing, I Defend Baptist Institutional Ministry

   My computer still works and sometimes my brain. Tomorrow, if my energy level allows and the Lord permits, I will offer some thoughts on just why we form institutions at all, in particular in baptist life.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Energy Allowing, I Defend Baptist Institutional Ministry”

  1. RD,
    You are the Brett Favre of Baptist ministry. You say you are going away, and we believed you. Now you are back so soon.
    Oh well, Favre will probably be the league MVP this year, and I guess we will just have to “suffer” from reading another one of your posts!

  2. I think more like a shiny penny, you just keep turning up. Well, maybe not so shiny anymore, but surely worth more than a penny – I got it, you have so much in common with the widows mite.

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