Tomorrow, If the Energy Holds: Grace, Narcissism, Humanism and Faith-What Happens When Thomas is the Most Important Apostle

My third month after moving home (mid-April). My weight is up (this is good, get over it my chubby friend) and my energy is better. My new faith group is a great encouragement. My family is around me, which encourages life. I have left behind the kinds of groups that take, the ones that intrude in favor of looting and rapine. One wonders how I stayed so long and gave so much.

Tomorrow, God being my help, I want to write a piece on human narcissism, the essence of a superficial secular society, and how it may be overwhelmed by faith actions, which do not have to degrade humans or banish the scientific or aesthetic benefits of human progress. Faith is not the turtle, but we do need some modal change. Peter has ruled in Rome for a long time and Paul wrote a lot. Thomas is the secular apostle, don’t you think? He is the fellow who does not believe to the exclusion of doubt. Instead, he believes, all the while doubting. He may be the most important of the apostles in our day.

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