My dear friend once listened to my schedule and said, “you get invited into so many tragedies. People always invite you into their tragedies.”
It is common for one if us, is it not, to walk thru the hardest of times, with loved friends? I wonder what this feels like to normal people.

1 thought on “Tragedy”

  1. I’ve worried for a long time about you. My image of you is a beggar with a large sack. I’ve watched for years as you stoop and pick up a pebble every so often. Another death, another illness, another life into your sack. Oh, every once in a while you get to take a pebble out, after a birth, after a cure, after a miracle. But through the years your sack has grown large with the people you carry with you. I know you’d tell me that you don’t carry your sack alone but I still watch and worry. Have a good time. Listen to “Ahuvati sheli livnat tzavar” You’ll like it. biff

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