Trapped On Two Paths-The Christian Sub-Culture and the World at Large

Disclaimer/Announcement/Confession Good for the Soul: I will probably never again try to publish 1,200 word posts day after day. However, I am chided today by two catalysts. One is my review of what my readers come here to see.

The sermons and Bible studies here seem to get a lot of attention on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday evening. I have to think some forlorn pastor has not had the time to get it all together this week and is looking for a “Brown and Serve.” To you, I say, “Print, Use, This is Your Sermon, so often as you use it, use it in remembrance of me.”

My Theology offerings get read a bit less than my (attempted) humorous offerings. If you get a laugh here, I hope I meant for you to laugh and, if not, I hope you can at least tell the difference between one of my anecdotes and the heavier material.

And, now, for the ulterior motive. One of my readers remembered my love of the snap-brim fedora hat. This reader promised me a new snap-brimmed fedora if I start to write again. How can an increasingly balding 60 year old man decline a snap-brim fedora on a cold day?

So, if I start to think with my fingers again, this is why. My hands shake some days, so that I have to retype things a time or two. Some days are better than others, but all my days are good. Joan and I spent three days iced in at our home in Midlothian, just the two of us. She rearranged the house from top to bottom. I tried to stay out of her way but, alas, to no avail. I was swept up in the sweeping up and only by cooperation did I manage to avoid being swept out. My days are good now.

I wish you all a happy Christmas. In the next few days I go on a prison ministry at a nearby unit, mentoring and training persons about to return to “normal society.” When I return I will probably begin to inflict my views upon you all.

I want that black, snap-brim fedora, size 7 1/2.

Take care.


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