Trending Now: Looters, Rioters and, Oh, yes, Protesters

According to the global media America’s reputation is already in tatters because we did not react quickly enough to the imported Wuhan Corona Virus. The global media does not blame the perpetrator, but, still, this may be one of the few cases where global media are ready to blame the victim rather than play the victim.

Trending now in global media are three groups in the streets of America. No, not the police. No, not the National Guard. Certainly not the family of the late George Floyd.

The global media sees Looters, Rioters and, then, sort of takes a look at the Protesters. The global media include the Main Stream Media and their global traveling partners who represent nations which have already lost their own culture, like Britain, and others who are just terrified of the Communist Chinese.

Why do the global media find it so satisfying to throw rocks (figuratively and literally) at America? Simply put, we don’t shoot back. Mr. Trump, who I pray will break his twitter machine very soon, is hated by the global media because he will not continue to throw huge chunks of American money at organizations and into treaties designed to make America very, very poor. The global media hates Mr. Trump’s America because he is not playing the Fat, Guilty American role.

This said, here is what the global media misses out on in its coverage of our streets. There are three groups out there right now, trending, and the one group trending least is the one we ought to hear.

The Looters.

We have watched in sickened horror as thieves have kicked in the doors and windows of American stores. These same criminals emerged smiling, arms laden with stolen merchandise.

The criminal activity is one thing. The broad smiles from the thieves seems oddly placed. Mourners usually do not smile happily at a camera to show what they stole and how good they feel about it.

The Looters will naturally arouse anger toward themselves. The sympathy one might feel toward the persecuted caste does not follow a thief into a broken window.

Yet, stop. If the Looters are doing nothing else for us, see at least two things. Neither is terribly helpful at the present, but we ought to know.

One thing we can learn from the Looters is this sad truth. They are telling us, “This is what I will do if I think there are not consequences to my actions.”

The Second thing we may learn from the Looters is even more sad. They are telling us, “I want what you take for granted.” Please hear me when I say, “I have no desire to loot because I have no need.” The Looters out there may not feel as satisfied as I do with my America. No, this does not mean they can go kick in a window. It may help explain the why

Take away consequences and offer to the fringe what is held by the middle. This is a recipe to raise up Looters.

The Rioters.

The millenial, Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis let rioters burn down a police station in his city. He sat and watched. If this is what we should expect of his generation the Baby Boomers must plan to live a long, long time.

When a Rioter has to pay the bill for his destruction the rioting often simmers a bit. I strongly suggest the American tax payer should not have to go back to Minnesota and rebuild that police station.

America’s mayors and governors have spent a few days trying to do what millenials do and what politicians do in our day. They have spent the last few days telling us the Rioters came across state lines to wage war against their people. It is true the terrorist antifa and other leftist hate groups have deigned to revisit our streets of late with the usual sad results. However, mayors and governors have had to walk back their media distortion and admit the Rioters are mostly their own citizens.

We ought to learn two things from these violent anarchists, at least.

One thing they are telling us, “This is what you can expect from us when you show weakness.” They watched and listened as the mayor of Chicago spent the last month threatening to close churches and to “hunt down” anyone who did not accept her quarantine sentence. The Rioters tried their hand in her city. She has yet to say she will hunt down a Rioter.

So, the Rioters do not have to wear masks or maintain (anti) social distance. They just have to chant in atonal unison.

The second thing we should hear from the Rioters in our streets is much like the first. That is, “You have let the global media divide the country so sharply that Rioters are portrayed as heroes, not masked villains.”

I note some of the mayors who shut down the churches are now calling on the Faith Community to lead their city back to peace. Faith communities should remember this hypocrisy in the next election.

The Protesters

Remember them? No?

These were the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, police personnel and general citizens who were horrified at the death of George Floyd. These are people who believe an American citizen gets his day in court. The former police officers will get their day in court.

George Floyd never will.

The Protesters are being ignored because of thieves and criminals and violent haters. I have seen video of Protesters going over to masked Rioters to disarm the Rioter so the Protester can be heard. What courage!

We ought to hear the Protesters over the Looters and the Rioters and the Global Media. The Protesters are only saying one thing, but we ought to hear.

They are saying they do not want death in the street for their children or anyone’s children.

Neither do I.

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