Types of Prayer-Richard Foster

   In the first forty pages of his book, Foster identifies three forms of prayer: Guidance, Relinquishment and Intercession."

The Prayer of Guidance-"How Shall I Prepare? What Shall I Do? Where Shall I Go?"

The Prayer of Relinquishment-Wherein we surrender to God. Therein, we pray, as Jesus prayed, "Not my will but your will be done."

The Prayer of Intercession-This is a prayer that grows out of compassion. In compassion, we desire to have God give to someone what we cannot create, conjure or deliver. Prayers of intercession should perhaps, he thinks, begin with the small things and grow to something great, wherein intercessory prayers become almost commands, not from man to God, but from God through man to the subject of the intercession.

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  1. What? No “Prayer of Imprecation”?
    Wiley would be so disappointed. Perhaps it is in one of the latter chapters?

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