US Presidential Race Too Close to Call, as Romney Nudges Ahead Nationally

   Or, is it?

   A recently (today) Washington Post poll shows Mr. Romney nudging ahead 47% to 46%. This despite the Todd Akin debacle (which neither Mr. Romney nor Mr. Ryan had anything to do with) or Hurriance Isaac (which they apparently caused in some way according to the national media).

   However, careful study of the (slight) surge by Mr. Romney reveals two facts:

  • The places where Mr. Romney is ahead would actually convey a giant electoral victory
  • The mini-surge comes as Mr. Obama has actually outspent Mr. 
    Romney and is about to come up short, cash wise. Ergo, the mini-surge is more significant than the raw numbers show.
  • And I cannot get these extra dots off my screen, for some reason, though I have run out of things to say in this post.
  • Opinions here are mine alone. 
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    1. Practical way of dealing with the superfluous dots. You make me laugh. The articles are great, too, just less entertaining than your humor.

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