UT Football: I Throw the Gauntlet Down

Radical Chaositist Todd Littleton, I throw the gauntlet down to thee.

The Red River Rivalry is this weekend. Zero U versus my beloved Texas Longhorns. Like Mr. Obama vs. Mr. Romney, the Democrats from Okie-homa will find we debate well, whatever the polls might say.

And so, I challenge thee, oh Evil One that thou art.

And I offer a cyber-wager. Straight up, head to head, not against any line.

UT will beat Zero U in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday. When UT wins, you will need to run a flattering picture of Bevo on your website for the rest of the weekend. In the very unlikely event that Landry Jones does not swallow that unmoustache of his, should Zero U eke out a meager win (I hear the NFL replacement refs are looking at this gig), I will put up Zero U, Crimson and Cream logo up on my hallowed UT website.

Now, do you just want to admit defeat, or exhibit cowardice, or canst thou stand and be a man?

The gauntlet, sir, is properly hurled.


Opinions here are mine alone.

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