Valleygate Teaches Us, Again…

…the juxtaposition of evil and incompetence is a really tenuous jointing;

…the appearance of evil is to be avoided because there is probably some evil in the mix;

…the act itself is bad enough but the coverup will ultimately destroy you;

…simply dumping some of the actors does not abrogate corporate responsibility;

…people are not as silly as you might think;

…these things do not just go away on their own;

…people with conscience will insist on answers;

…the answers are out there;

…the answers will eventually emerge, regardless of how far you run, how deep you dig, how bitterly you smear your interlocutors;

…you cannot revise history without earning the sobriquet "liar;"

…once you are known as a liar it does not much matter what else you are called.

   The revelations of the last two weeks may, according to sources, pale in comparison to what we are about to hear in the next month. For those remaining in office who might like to unburden their conscience, this could be a good time to find your confessor. Seek absolution, even at this late date.

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