Vicious, Hissing (Giant) Ninjadilloes Attack Brock, Texas

Writer's Note: For the next few days, the Editorial Staff of Aintsobad (Me, Myself and I) will attempt to tell you a story. The story itself is true. Official sources suppress these facts to prevent wide-spread panic among the population. You will not hear or read this story from any other source.

    I say again, as in the title of this introductory piece, to wit, Vicious, Hissing (Giant) Ninjadilloes inhabit the fields around Brock Texas. Many of the citizens have seen them from a distance. A few have suffered heinous attacks from the leprous, shelled quadrupeds. Fewer still, under attack,  have escaped unscathed.

   Aintsobad shares this story of courage, fortitude and sheer dancing-in-place-squealing-like-a-girl-even-though-you-are-armed-to-the-teeth-terror so that you, our readers, may know of this clear and present danger to your own safety. We urge you to protect your families, your livestock and your homes from these huge, hissing menaces. They are here, they are real, they are Ninjadilloes. Be warned.

   The story you will read is true. Some names have been changed to protect poor shots among the citizenry.

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