Virtue: The Church You Want to Join-Original Sin

       "Only our  concept of Time makes it possible for us to speak of the Day of Judgment by that name; in reality it is a summary court in perpetual session."

                                     Dr. Franz Kafka

   Of course, when we speak of Original Sin and link it to Adam and Eve, we really just mean original human sin. Angelic sin predates human sin, or there would not be a Satan to hiss. Angels, first, and then, men. It seems God has a terrible time keeping anyone in line. Or, perhaps, we just have a terrible time explaining how it all got to this…

                                  Rick Davis, Final Thoughts

   Original Sin-peccatum originalis-is the heady belief that all mankind arrives on this planet predisposed to wrongdoing. This is true, we think, however one describes wrongdoing. Greed and violence are hateful terms in all cultures and times, at least when another person takes my stuff or my life. We need some explanation as to why we do what we hate. We need some kind of explanation as to why we excuse in ourselves what we hate in others.

   Hence, Original Sin; Naked Forbearers bight Forbidden Fruit and everybody gets a belly-ache.

   Or is the Eden Story about Forbidden Fruit at all?

   Is it not possibly a way of saying there are serious consequences, even for the most obedient and innocent one-time servant? For no one denies Adam's innocence or his service.  Is the Fall about Apostasy instead of Originality?

   Let me state my bias. I do not believe I am held accountable for the sin of Adam and Eve any more than I am held responsible for the sin of Napoleon or Attila. I have enough sin of my own, thanks very much. I fit no particular school of thought here, so do not reach for your theological dictionary. I am an "impure," or "synthetic" thinker, at this (and most) points. I do not work for Corporate Christianity and so may state a studied opinion without much concern for how it fits the party line.

   i have noticed, by the way, how Corporate Christianity's party line most often reflects its concern for its own bottom line. I wish to fulfill my own spiritual responsibility here by noting the Corporate Christians who use a "fiduciary responsibility" as cover for non-Christian acts risk great loss: not only of their corporation, but their own soul.

   Really, what does it gain a man if he gets the corner office and loses his soul?

   Here is what you and I should think about Original Sin. We ought to look at it as the Doctrine of Ultimate Finality, not of Initial Predisposition or Individual Damnation. It is a statement of result, not of method. Original Sin is about our death, not our life.

   Original Sin is a fact of life, but it is about the end of life, not the start.

   We act in sins, we choose sins, we live in sins.  We finally die in our sin. When we do, we  die in a commonality of sin that afflicts us all. If death is the Great Equalizer, sin is the Common Companion. We all have it, we all choose it, all answer for it, over and over again in this life. Why do we think we will not answer for our sin in the next breath there after our last breath here?

   In short, the tendency to sin is a matter of trouble for here, yes, but one that requires reconciliation for what comes next.The problem with sin (or one of the problems with sin) is this; unforgiven, it clings.

   Eschatology (study of the last things) is like statistics; you can make it say whatever you want. If you want your eschatology to be about the bride and not a tramp, you have to let it be about moral accounting. That is, when we consider our sin, we ought to do so looking forward to what is to come, not looking back at what we come from.

   No? Then, please explain to me why Jesus is in Hell between His death and His resurrection, preaching deliverance to captive spirits there, many of whom could not possibly have known about His Prophecied Coming, let alone His Crucified Person. Along the way, catch me up on why Paul thinks God "winked" at sin between the Law and the Cross.

   Why do they get an advantage you cannot possibly obtain? Is it not because God is looking at the End of It All, not the Prior Problem?

   Nor can a last things view of Original Sin be called an affront to divine sovereignty, for it only illuminates how often (and powerfully) the ability to choose leaves off humanity. It is when our sins become a (seeming) wholeness of will that our sin takes over to make our entrapment complete.


8 thoughts on “Virtue: The Church You Want to Join-Original Sin”

  1. No – really. There is a conference call waiting for you right now. There are folks from Nashville, a couple of locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Richmond, Louisville, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Grapevine – well, let’s just say that the conference bridge is full.
    They want their secret decoder ring back. The charge is ‘dismantling a Religious Enterprise one rare-tropical-wood-board-room-table-with-matching-high-back-leather-chairs at a time’. The guy in the Corner Office on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas seems particularly exercised about it.
    Keep it up. I like it when you talk like a Christian with no Earth-bound strings attached.

  2. I like the part about sin being sticky. It reminds me of a story about a bear and a rabbit. Ask me some time.
    Rick you really should become a preacher to regular folks not those uppity ones in Brock. just kidding. I love the plain language

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