Virtue: The Church You Want to Join-Resilience

   The sad loneliness of man is perhaps most clearly seen in his wish to play the victim. Regret over the past and resentment in his new day preempt the real hurt that might produce growth. At the very least, his role as victim makes him impervious to love. The victim never brings happiness to others because he never finds it for himself.

   To the Excuse-Giver, more to the Blame-Placer, one wants to say, "Stop whining. Be ennobled by the courage you see around you. Whatever you do, stop degrading the acts of others by taking their struggle and sacrifice to be your own empty victimization."

   The resilient human can be victimized. He may suffer degrading blows. He can never settle, however, to be the victim. He must "take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them…"

   This 21st (and possibly final) century of human history will require human resilience as none before it. The planet itself is trying to rid itself of us, as though some planetary immune system is producing disease fighting cells designed to obliterate "the human stain."

   Resilience cannot mean repeating the same old behaviors with renewed fervor. Repentance is required. For too long, the truly good have not been strong and the truly strong have not been good. Goodness must make a comeback.

   Properly, we should repent not only of the loud hatred of bad people but the appalling silence of good people. Good people must bounce back from the dirt, up into the struggle. You and I need to understand we cannot cooperate with evil just because it is good for the greater body. The organization is not bigger than one hateful or indecent man if it is to be a place where men can go to find good.

   I ask you, is it not possible that a world moving to greater unity is everywhere remarked upon as a signal of the end times simply because men cannot live together in peace? Therefore, the closer the world moved to a united currency, government and polity, the more likely it is evil men will act as evil and fearful men as fearful? Perhaps the end must come because we cannot be left to play alone.

   It may be we should favor the organic over the organizational, so to make the world more a garden than a sky-scraper. Man can live in a garden and the world can live with man as a gardener.

   Resilience is courage. Of courage, Churchill said, "It is the most important of the virtues because it makes all the other virtues possible."

   The coward cannot be virtuous.

   Resilience is courage because in resilience, a man who once faces suffering chooses to face suffering again; what is more, to face suffering with previous knowledge; moreover, to face that suffering with the ability to choose safety.

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