Vocare: Grace and Calling-To Do What You Must

I watched a red wasp pull a dead black spider up the south wall of my house. The red wasp killed the black spider on the ground, down low, out of my sight. I did not see the murder of the black spider. I watched the red wasp pull the dead black spider up the wall with all his effort. He could not use his wings because the spider was too heavy. He had to tug the spider up the wall, with a hard south wind blowing on him, the weight of the spider against him.

The red wasp did what he nature compelled him. He did what he must do.

A year ago at this time I had reason to believe I might not preach regularly again for a time. I had some reason to think I might not preach again regularly again in my life time. Fear knotted my stomach. I found it necessary to use the fear to unknot my stomach. I had to face the circumstance. I could not use my wings to fly, or watch potential enemies come against me. I felt the wind against me. The wall was straight up and the weight laid on me.

I knew I had to preach. I have to preach. I must preach until I cannot because my body will not let me.

I must.

What is it you must do?

This is your calling. A calling is what you must do. You cannot do other, less or aspire to more. A calling is what you must do.

This is grace, when we know what we must do and go to do it.

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